Name: Anita Wisdom
Phone: 07952 708173
Address: 9 The Dell 46 Reigate Hill
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I love teaching Access Bars.. In all my years of training and teaching healing modalities - never have I and my workshop participants laughed so much as when they're learning Access Bars. This sets this healing modality apart from the other healing modalities I teach - and I love that!

I also love the fact that after one day, you are ready to practise and you cannot do any harm to anyone. The person who is receiving the Bars is in charge of how much change they are willing to institute - and so you - as the practitioner enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of gifting the Bars whilst your 'interesting points of view' also melt away at the same time.. How does it get any better than that?

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 1/Apr/2017 Beckenham BR3 3AF Anita Wisdom