Name: Naveen Light
Phone: Aus: 0438 551 804
Buderim Sunshine Coast
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Hello! You might like to read my profile on the Access Consciousness website. I hold regular Bars and Bodywork swaps at my home clinic in Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, as well as private facilitation for clients. I'm a full facilitator offering Bars as well as further classes.

Please call to see what days/evenings I'm currently offering - you'd be most welcome.

I've attended many levels of the Access Classes right up to the invitation only 7 day event and the Advanced Body Class. As a result, my clients find my sessions are very powerful for them. How Does It Get Any Better Than That?

I wish you great discovery on your journey of what else is possible for you, Access is not for the faint hearted, but for those who dare to go beyond! What do you choose?

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