Name: Benoit Trudel
Phone: +995-591-22-52-95
Address: 16 Mukhadze St, Vake
Georgia, Europe, the World
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I am originally from Canada, and the first and only Bars and Body Process Facilitator in the South Caucasus region, but I hopes that people will learn this life changing technique in both Georgia and Armenia. I had chronic anxiety, depression and panic attacks for decades, trying every modality to cure me but nothing worked. A one-hour Bars session touches 32 points on the head that releases the judgments, limitations and stress. The rest is all about using tools to slow down the mind and thoughts which can rule your life, and learn to listen to the more gentle breeze of your awareness which can guide you to create the life that you desire. I am certified to teach a one-day class Access Bars or Body Process and I am happy to facilitate and co-create online calls and classes all over the world. You can also find me on Facebook.

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