Name: Kelvin Cope
Phone: +61424267978
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I'm a Facilitator of Access Foundation, Being You Adventure, Conscious Horse Conscious Rider and Right Voice For You Breakthrough Intro classes. I also offer Private Sessions, Symphony of Possibilities sessions and Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) sessions for people and animals.

One of the tools of Access Consciousness that has created so much more peace in my life is 'who does this belong to?'. If you ask this question and feel lighter, then no matter what it is, it is not actually yours. All it means is that you are aware, of something.. If you desire to find out more, or to know what else you are aware of, then you can choose to ask more questions. Each different question you ask will open different doors of possibilities that may not have been available to you before the moment when you chose to ask that question. What starts to occur then is that you will begin to create a different future for you and the world, simply by your willingness to ask questions and to choose from the possibilities the questions present.

Are you willing to be aware of what you are aware of? Are you willing to go on the adventure of finding out what is actually possible for you that you may have never considered before? Are you willing to create the life that you'd truly desire to have? If you gave yourself the ability to choose anything what would you choose, what would you change and what would you create?

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