Name: Jessica Colp
Address: South Pasadena, in Northeast Los Angeles
Los Angeles
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My first introduction to Access Consciousness was Dr. Dain Heer's book Embodiment. I was intrigued by the title! What did he know about bodies and the experience of being in one? I had spent years trying to love myself, by grounded, and perceive life through a spiritual lens. Still, having a body often felt more of a burden than a joy. What Dr. Dain Heer, and Access Consciousness, offered me was far more than anything I'd practiced before -- joy, ease, questions to ask my body, and awareness of how my body contributed to me.

I read the book quickly, got online and looked for the next Bars Class in my area. I wanted more! Lucky for me, the next Bars class was in just a few days a few miles from my house. How does it get any better?

The adventure continues... and it just gets better and better. I use the tools of Access Consciousness every day in my life. I enjoy my body now, more than ever. And I now acknowledge my capacity to receive and to KNOW more than I ever dreamed possible.

If you are interested in taking or hosting a class, or scheduling a Bars session, please contact me.

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