Name: Alyssa Heins
Phone: (845) 249-0920
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Hi Beautiful Beings!
I'm so grateful you chose to click on my page for more info!

I started my "professional career" as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in 2010. Soon after I became a Reiki Master in hopes of expanding my resume. In April 2013, I took my first Bars class and life hasn't been the same since! Never did I think that a simple hands on progress could be SO profound...

Since Access, I've been more and more aware and more in the question. As I give and receive The Bars on a regular basis, I find I have way more clarity and creativity. I've also noticed a greater sense of ease with myself; meaning I'm not judging myself constantly anymore.

Abuse, Addiction, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, ADD/ADHD, TBI, Autism, Dementia, Weight Loss -
These terms should not define you. Who would you be if you were truly BEING you?

I have clinical experience with pediatrics, geriatrics and everything in between.

Who's ready to play??
And what would it be like if you could be Greater than yesterday?

Love and Gratitude,

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