Name: Solange Rocine
Address: Please contact me via email
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Would you like to have a new reality of living your life? Are you willing to change your point of view and be willing to receive everything, to be the phenomenal you and the contribution you truly Be?

Hi and welcome to my ever expanding world.Gratitude to me for choosing Change!

I had it all, a great husband, three fabulous children, a gorgeous home, a beautiful farm, cars, travel, living abroad etc. I was so unhappy.

I was always trying to fit in, defining myself by external things, trying to make myself just like everybody else and knowing it was all a lie! I was so locked up. I was ready to leave this world once the children grew up. While I waited, I created dis...ease in my body and my life.

One day, a friend overseas suggested I have my Bars run.. What?..

Oh my gosh!... What else is possible?

I am now choosing a phenomenal life for me, that has nothing to do with anyone elses' reality. I am willing to Have money now, instead of getting it. I am willing to be, know, perceive and receive, to live in the question and to choose in 10 second increments!

I am Living My Life!

I am being space and oneness with the planet. Ease and Joy and Glory! How does it get any better than this?

Gratitude to Gary Douglas for facilitating the infinite being of me.

How did I get to be so lucky?

I invite you to ask, what would you like to create in your life?

What if it was just a Choice?

Have you had your Bars run?

Wanna come to the Party of Change?

Gotta friend? Contact me for my next Bars Party

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