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How old are you?

Thought provoking question... The question behind the question is to see “how much of that time were you truly being you” and “how much of that time has been wasted time”?

We’ve become who we are by the conditioning of our parents and what others have told us - as we decided to buy that as the truth of who we were. Do you see in your own children or know of children whose self-esteem is conditioned by other’s judgements? We have been created by the electromagnetic energy of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs - which continually affects our behaviour and motivation - and affects the reality of what is so far experienced!

As a Bars Practitioner it is my passion to give children and families the opportunity to release old energies so they can all function together from awareness, rather than auto-pilot.

You have made the choice to find the gift of BARS to release all that energy of thoughts feelings and emotions that you currently have in place, allowing yourself and family to have a fresh start in life - right now!

Being a woman and mother of 3 children, I would like to share with you my personal journey of having our BARS run.

My daughter aged 8 years old typically a normal little girl who also has some learning difficulties, known as neurological impairments; associated with Noonan Syndrome. Running her Bars has improved her ability to focus better so her learning has improved immensely. Another component of Noonan Syndrome is alexithymia, which is difficulty in identifying and describing emotions; emotional awareness, social attachment and interpersonal relating. However, like most young girls they are all learning how to emotionally develop themselves and experience social interactions. I honestly can say my daughter experiences more ease in accessing her emotions, she is developing the ability to be self-resilient rather than the unfairness of who she is and what is only right and only wrong. She understands there are different points of views and interacting with other girls, the forces of those views could condition her self-esteem. My daughter is experiencing being connected to her own sense of knowing, she is in a calmer state of mind giving her space, allowance and to be. After her Bars are run she tells me 'mum, it's like the fog has gone'.

I have 2 other children boys aged 10 and aged 11 who have become so much more understanding of themselves. I see the struggles of my sons with the daily interactions at school trying to find their feet in a pecking order amongst peers, along with soaking up parental views, mimicking parental behaviour and views, all whilst trying silently to develop their own inner personal understanding of who they are from all that. How does their monkey chatter handle and evaluate all that? We are conditioned to make things right and wrong in order to make a decision, which becomes a solidified energy locked in. Where is the space for them to have their own choice? During Bars they were able to identify how their monkey chatter would be confusing in situations, how thoughts and influences seemed the only decision. They laugh now at realising they don’t have to contribute to those thoughts, with Bars run regular they are becoming aware of awareness, which creates space for them, and the ability to choose new possibilities - which is very cool. After I run my eldest sons his bars he said ‘mum, it all just light now’.

For myself, I would have my bars run every day if I could, a session is the equivalent to 10 hours meditation! I am grateful to receive the possibilities to eliminate any created walls of separation that I have upon myself. The gift I receive is to take a risk to be spontaneous with the energy of the moment I am living!

I am passionate about families and their relationships, running your Bars is the way to maintain allowing you the inspiration for greater possibility in your life and your family. I offer families the bonding experience of having your Bars run in the comfort of your own home, as a family relaxing, receiving and connecting together.

Bars Practitioner, Facilitator Perth
You GET to be YOU!

Western Australia

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