Name: Jodie Haitana
Phone: 0211578174 (+64211578174)
Ashhurst/Palmerston North
New Zealand
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Choice and Bars changed and continues to change my life and living.

How does it get even better than that?

Without going into "the story" I can say I chose some pretty interesting experiences so far in my 30 years in this body. Choices that certainly weren't working for me or allowing me to experience much ease joy or glory. Mind you... What was right about all of that? lol

Parenting from a space of judgement, and functioning from a space of complete drama trauma and chaos needed to change.

Then I found Access, or Access found me...

Hello Bars

Hello Choice

Hello delicious life and living!

I have more fun, I have more joy, I have more ease and the exuberant expression of life and living is rippling out to my family. I parent from a space of more allowance in the acknowledgement that my kids are infinite beings and I love not having to have the answers! Questions work for me!

Doing relationship is way more fun and the sex is out of this world!

What else is possible?

I'm enjoying the tools of Access and am getting into the practise of using them daily. I love that I am delving deeper and becoming a part of a community devoted to contributing to consciousness.

What change can we all affect through what we create now that will contribute to the world/Earth and consciousness?

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