Name: Deborah Rhodes
Phone: 706-864-3381
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Iím an Access BARS© Practitioner and Certified Class Facilitator in North Georgia. Over many years I've explored various spiritual and healing pathways, searching for the one through which I could make a greater contribution in the world. And while I am most grateful for what Iíve learned from those pathways, until I was led to Access BARS©, I hadnít yet found ďthat somethingĒ that would be easy to learn, a delight to share, and would bring a sense of ease and joy to those I could assist, and to me. I was looking for something that would manifest a difference in my life and in the lives of others. Then I discovered Access BARS© in 2015, and I havenít stopped smiling since! There are just so many wonderful tools, processes and possibilities to experience and to share. And itís fun!

You know, ten years ago I lost pretty much everything due to company downsizing and the real estate crash that followed. Can you imagine how challenging that can be, especially for someone over the age of 50? But, as is often the case, so-called adversity can change the course of oneís life, and it led me to Access. I knew there had to be so much more to be, to do and to discover, and there is.

So if you don't believe you can start anew over the age of 50, or at any age; if you don't believe you have the capacity to change, or the ability to see and make the many choices you actually have available to you, or the freedom to be yourself and create the changes in your world that you desire to create, come see me and get your Bars run, or take a BARS© class with me.

If you are interested in exploring new horizons and changing your life, I would love to assist you to discover the infinite possibilities of this process. Letís find out whatís possible for YOU.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Barsģ Gifting & Receiving 9/Apr/2017 Murrayville, Georgia Deborah Rhodes
Access Barsģ 30/Apr/2017 Murrayville, Georgia Deborah Rhodes