Name: Esther Bruer
Phone: 07825649529
Altrincham, Manchester
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Hi beautiful beings!!

I have totally fallen in love having my bars run.

I am a full time Mum and running my healing business full time as well.

Bars has helped me catch up on sleep, that my bundle of joy has devoid me of from the last 2 years, which is totally normal for parents with kids, but still isn't a great feeling.

At my most stressed and wanting to throw in the towel, I found having my bars run really helped me distress and refocus and gave me a new lease of life.

I had found a technique that by placing fingers on certain points on my head, felt like my brain was given a massage and literally unclogging my hard drive - my brain, my thinking, my sense of being.

It was so relaxing and nurturing.

I was so excited by this, that as soon as possible I wanted to become a facilitator and da da, here I be!!!

I did it and am now excited to offer one to one sessions, classes and gifting events.

How does it get any better than this?

Get in touch if following my being feels light to you :)

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