Name: Nathalie Abellan
Phone: (832) 593-4612
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Hello, my name is Nathalie. It is nice to meet you!

I started with just a Bars session three years ago. It was a genuine awakening for me. Total spaciousness, joy, and deep, deep gratitude for my life. I liked it so much that I choose to facilitate classes!

Before I started with Access Consciousness, I was one of those people with questions about living on this planet Earth, such as "What is my purpose here?" I had tried several workshops, gurus, sweat lodges, fire walks, meditation, read books, and metaphysical theory looking for answers. Has any of it really worked? No. Not until Access showed up in my life.

Access is literally about asking the questions and not looking for the answers, which I was doing. Access looks at everything from a completely different point of view. It is not about educating you on the rightness and wrongness of your life: as you are not right or wrong. It is about gifting tools to assist you in becoming more aware in ALL areas of your life. These tools work wonders on how you show up in the world and how people show up to you. I never realized how many limited points of view and judgments I had. They were limiting me by not allowing me to see further than my nose.

How many tools have you used to get somewhere in this life and reality?
How far have you gone with them?
How ready are you to demand the keys to the locks of your life?
How ready are you to receive total allowance?
How can it be wrong to have more joy in your life?
What is right about that that you are not getting?

Since my first class, I have incorporated Access tools, processes, ideas and techniques by utilizing them on myself as well as with my clients. I am a fitness professional and choose to live in the question. I always knew that there was an easier way to live. My life has simply been choices ever since .How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

These are not just words. Access is an amazing toolbox to facilitate you to create and change whatever you would like to create and change in your life. When applied, these tools produce phenomenal results.....often immediately!

What are you willing to change?
What are you willing to receive?
What would you like to create?

Have you been struggling with money, finances, health, sex, relationships, weight problems, having a body, success, wealth, work? Are they daily problems? What if there were no problems just infinite possibilities? What if you could generate your life with a continuous flow of energy, with no limitation only infinite possibilities?

Would you like to acquire more tools that will change and transform your life? What if you had more talents and abilities that you haven't discovered about yourself yet? What if in discovering them, it made your life phenomenal? Would you choose to be bored with your life or would you truly enjoy it?
Only you can choose!

I invite you to join me and experience how to have more fun in your life using the tools of Access. As a nice side-effect, I have seen many people experience huge changes in and with their bodies just by using the Access tools. Does your body desire to be different?

Thank you for exploring with me the possibilities to have and be more in your life and living. Feel free to contact me with your questions. Did you find me because you are ready to have something different? I highly encourage your efforts. Find a facilitator who you resonate with and work with him or her. If it is me, let's talk! I am available for:

- Bars classes (gather your friends and let's party!)
- Private sessions (Bars and What else is possible?)
- Offer private Bars sessions and can host Bars Gifting and receiving.

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