Name: Jennifer Brown
Phone: 3078715732
Green River
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Hello fabulous being and welcome to my page! Access Consciousness provides a variety of amazing tools to change your body, being, and life and I am so grateful to be able to share these tools. I offer private bars and body process sessions including the Abuse Hold as well as facilitating the Bars full day class and a variety of body process classes. My home base is Green River, WY and jump with joy when I get to travel to facilitate classes.

My Access journey began when a close friend of mine had her bars run. I watched her over the course of a couple of months observing the changes in her body as well as her behaviors. She walked with more confidence, responded in a calmer manner, and seemed more at peace with everything. Even her business grew! I was in awe and knew that I must have some of that for myself. The closest facilitator lived 180 miles away. I contacted her to see if I could set up a session. She convinced me to gather some friends and have her come to us and facilitate the bars class. That way after she left we had a support system to run one anotherís bars. Brilliant!! We have been doing at least two bars trades a month since then and this year have added body process exchanges. How did I get so lucky?

There are no words to fully describe the changes I have personally experienced since choosing to add Access Consciousness and the tools to my life. My body is more healthy than it has been maybe ever, I am happier (sometimes told too happy), and respond to life truly with more ease, joy, and glory. People who have known me since I was little frequently remark at the changes they have noticed. Even my family has benefited in many ways. My children love running the bars and body processes on each other as well as others. They are such naturals. How does it get any better than that?

I look forward to speaking with you soon. The possibilities are infinite!

Jennifer Brown, M.S. CCC-SLP, BF, BPF

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