Name: Clementine Mitchell
Phone: 785-760-7886
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Hello Beautiful Being! Isn't it so funny what we look for in a person's profile? What can I include here that will create more ease, fun, delight, and expansive goodness in Your life?? A truly fun desire for me is that that question alone begins generating the energy of possibilities for you!

My commitment to consciousness goes well beyond the parameters of any class or session I facilitate or attend. The miracle of what's possible for the planet and each of us here is the most compelling element of this life for me. So whether you've stumbled across my profile or are actively considering taking a class or scheduling a session with me, you're warmly invited to reach out with any questions.

I've been a facilitator of one sort or another for decades, but the most precious thing I've realized through the brilliance of Access, is that while there are multitudes of tools, approaches, systems, and explorations available from countless sources across the globe, when we ourselves are willing to BE the source, that's when life gets really juicy! It would be my tremendous pleasure to support you in allowing that in your life.

Whether you've just begun to dip your toe into the possibilities of consciousness, or you've been practicing Access (or other) tools for a long time, please feel the virtual cheer I'm sending your way! Keeeeep gooooooing! No matter how many times I fall off the wagon of awareness, each time I choose to release the illusions of limitations, it's like coming home to what I've always known.

Thank you for being on this grand journey with me. I hope to see you soon!

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