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How kind are you to yourself?
What are the possibilities for more choices in your life?
What if everything you believed to be true...wasn't?
What if the pains in your body were being held in place by the structure of your thoughts?
What would it feel like to be in communion with life, instead of separate from it?
What do you know that the Planet requires right now?
What gifts do you have that you keep hidden because somewhere you were either told, or led to believe that they were wrong or that you didn't have the capability, or, or, or...

What if by touching the 32 points on your head that make up the 'Bars', you could begin to release the electromagnetic charge that keeps these programmes that no longer serve you, running?

With Access Consciousness...Anything is possible!

OK, I could go into the trauma and drama of my story but...
How I came to Access is probably more interesting...hmmm, interesting point of view!

Last August 2009 life as I had known it for the previous 25 years came to an end. Change had been occuring and there was tremendous resistance to it. The fog became thicker than it had ever been and I retreated into the illusionary safety of my own mind. What a trap that became...or was it required? On the outside, to others, life was going on, but on the inside I was questioning my own sanity on a daily basis.

I lost days that became weeks... Whilst this was going on I had the experience of having my 'Bars' run. I had been practicing in the holistic field for a few years so was aware of the importance of mind/body healing. There is no separation. I was looking into another technique that I had heard about for a friends son who had been diagnosed with 'Bi-polar' disease, (an interesting label) and whilst in the office of the practitioner doing this technique, her partner asked me if I had ever had my 'Bars' run. My what...?

At that point in time I was open to anything. I was so ready to recieve whatever anybody was willing to give to me. I wanted to be touched, nurtured, embraced...anything that made me feel alive and not separate.

As soon as the practitioner put his hands on my head I fell asleep...and the show began. I 'felt' peaceful, restful, free, different...yet AWAKE. I don't really know how to explain it.

I was aware of being asleep and snoring, grunting etc. and thinking hmmmm... that's attractive! Then the movies started...little mini video's, one after the other. As the hand positions were changed on my head I would wake up spluttering, realizing I was awake and then fall back again into the familiar place of observing me asleep, snoring, watching the video's and not being able to do anything other than observe until the hands were taken off my head.

That was September 2009. It would be February 2010 when I attended the first 'Bars' class in my area. After this first class I went home and asked a question..."What would it take for all the classes to show up and for me to generate the money to pay for them before September? The affect was that profound for me.

Well here I am in September 2010 and I have just completed Facilitators in Costa Rica, exactly when I asked for it. So be aware of what you ask for!

Classes showed up, people showed up, the money showed up.

Whilst in Costa Rica, on the evening that I arrived, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access, was chatting with a few of us. He mentioned the work that Marilyn Bradford was doing with Access and Right Recovery For You, a specialty class. It seemed to resonate with me as a direction I would like to go in and I filed it away.
During classes in Costa Rica I brought up my experiences during my first 'Bars' session. "Who or what was that experience I had observing me lying on the massage table watching me and watching the video's all at the same time? Gary's comment..."that was the REAL YOU!"

I returned home and spent the following week processing the week in Costa Rica. I thought I was doing pretty well yet there was this 'piece' that was still 'sticking' me, preventing me from having the freedom to be able to fly. I remembered the conversation from Costa Rica referring to Marilyn. Did she have the 'piece' I needed? Did she have the 'right' question? I emailed her and later had a telephone session with her. Yes, she had the 'piece' that I required at this moment. What was it?...I'm not entirely sure...but what comes to mind is a question she asked me. "How kind was I to myself?" Hmmmmm...

And herein lays the magic of Access. No one is going to tell you what you have to do. No one is going to tell you what is wrong with you, because there isn't. What they will do is facilitate you to find what is RIGHT with and for you.

Even if you just run 'Bars' and have your own 'Bars run you will set yourself free. They are the foundation of Access.

So much gratitude for all those people who showed up to make this possible. Who showed up not knowing why they came to my home area from across the country, from across the Atlantic Ocean, from wherever it was they showed up from simply by following the energy...Herb, Jolanta, Mark, Julie, Diva, Steve, Ron, Celina, Suzy, Marilyn...oh and Gary Douglas.

How does it truly get better than this? ...and what else is truly possible?

What can I contribute to you?
What do you require?
Where would you like me to show up for you?

What else is possible for YOU? BE YOU AND CHANGE THE WORLD.

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