Name: Jason Pettipiece
Phone: +1 512-947-3507
Address: 8600 Baseline Rd
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There is a lot out there that can change things in your life to some degree. There is not a lot that can change psychosomatic conditions of the Mind/Body while empowering you to begin dealing with psychic energies & allow different possibilities for your life to start showing up with total ease. This is one of the many things the “Bars” are phenomenal at facilitating & is why they are the Foundation of Access Consciousness.

Many people that have there “Bars” Run have reported deeper & more sound rest, much less stress at home & work, an easier time with there relationships, more ease with their body, & more clarity with working on projects. Most people have also said that there money issues have been getting better too. Students that have there “Bars” run before tests they must take have noticeably higher scores while also having an easier time studying!

If you are a Healer of some sort & would like a very dynamic way to unlock stagnant energies for people, know children & students that could benefit from added ease in school, or simply care to have more Ease in your life & help others have it as well, the “Bars” are an easy to learn way of facilitating that.

The Mind works like a capacitor that is constantly taking in the electric component of thoughts, feelings, emotions, & considerations as you live life. Some one who has taken a Bars class & knows how to get them to run dynamically with ease, can facilitate the capacitor or your Mind releasing the electric energy that is keeps life from being more Ease, Joy, & Glory. At the very least you will feel like you had a great message. At the very best, your whole life will begin to change for the better!
I am available to travel to your area. Feel free to call me about any questions you may have.

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