Name: Janelle Forbes
Phone: 970-379-8217
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A native of Colorado, Janelle grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley surrounded by mother natures beauty. Janelle's ability to see beyond the story, limitations and conclusions and pin point muscular tissue and energetic dysfunction along with her potent intuitiveness with bodies creates sessions and Bars® classes with depth and richness. She's a creator, a seeker, and a powerhouse with bodies, energies and business. Her flair is straight forward, tell it like it is, go right to the source and empower you to know that you can create balance, flow, and ease with your body and life.

At a young age, Janelle began her journey as a healer working with animals on her families ranch. Her intuitiveness only grew has she continued exploring what was possible with healing modalities from tapping techniques, shamanic practices, qigong, applied kinesiology, and meditation. Massage therapy peeked her interest in 2003 when she attended The Academy of Natural Therapy in Greeley, Colorado and became a licensed massage therapist. She attended her first Access Bars® class in 2013 and has contributed to countless classes, workshops, athletes, student and clients.

She is the owner of Cardiff Therapy, LLC and uses her extensive experience with medical massage, soft tissue techniques, transformational coaching and Access Bars® to actualize lasting ease and change. Janelle is a maverick in life, living, healing, being and business. She's a leader of possibility with a "do whatever it takes" attitude to live everyday lit up, creating, generating, and contributing.

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Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 31/Mar/2017 Carbondale, Colorado Janelle Forbes