Name: Gailine Posnikoff
Phone: 1-306-272-8156
Address: Box 513
Foam Lake
Saskatchewan (SK) S0A 1A0
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Hi Everyone

I am from small town Sask. Canada, where I can truly be energy, space and consciousness. I now can say that I love everything Access Consciousness has given me as I become the infinite being I am.

Mission Statement: Empowering each and every one to become the infinite being that you truly are!

Knowing that everyone knows that they know, hmm, what that means, ex: when you have a gut feeling that you know something and sometimes we trust it, sometimes not or we just don’t pay attention. That’s where I can help in shedding away all that gets in the way of not trusting you know.

I am an Access Bars Faclicitator and A Body Process Facilitator that invites you to come play with me.

Check out the classes that I have.

How much better can this get?

“Each and Every Day Great Things Come My Way”

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