Name: Shari Roberts
Phone: 407-929-0269
Yucaipa, & Bakersfield
United States
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Have you always known that there had to be more to life than what was showing up in your life & in the lives of the people around you?

That was me before I started using the tools of Access Consciousness! Happiness just always seemed to allude me, no matter what I did! And believe me I did alot & I searched ALOT! From every self help book I could get my hands on, to therapy, medication, 12 step groups, yoga, and energy work. Everything helped, but nothing was permanent. I was still me on the inside, constantly judging myself for everything I said I everything I did. The only time I had peace from my monkey mind (ya know that constant stream of judgement," I should do this, I shouldn't do that) was when I was asleep. Even then the constant chatter either woke me up, or kept me from falling asleep.

When I first heard of Access Consciousness a friend invited me to ask "who does this belong to?" for every feeling, thought and emotion for 3 days. She said she could promise me that if I really did it, at the end of the 3 days I would feel like I was walking around in a walking talking meditation without a thought in my head. I laughed right out loud! " Really? With my monkey mind? It cant be that easy!" Well, she simply asked "what do yo have to loose besides tall the inner turmoil?"

Ya know what? She was right! After the 3 days I actually had no thoughts in my head! At first I thought I was in denial, or that it was like everything else I had tried and in a few days I would be back to that constant inner turmoil.

Well, its been about 4 years now & things just keep getting better! That monkey mind? Most of the time its not there! When I do find myself getting caught up in all the judgements, which doesn't happen very often, I have the quick easy & practical tools of access consciousness to use & I am back to that state of ease & joy in to time! I know what your thinking, I didn't believe it either!

I would like to say that the last 4 years have been all rainbows & butterflies, but that's not the case. We live on planet earth & trauma & drama seems to be part of this reality for now.
What has changed is ME!! The inner turmoil, the anxiety, depression, emotional roller coaster days or weeks are a thing of the past. Every area of my life has changed & just keeps getting better!

I still teach yoga, I am still a massage therapist, and even though I am certified in a handful of energy modalities, the only one I use in my sessions now is Access Consciousness, because it works! Access is quick, painless, practical & Permanent! I have seen the results in my own life and in the lives of my clients, here in Yucaipa, Bakersfield & in Orlando, Florida
So how can I contribute to you? What would you like to change? What about the things you are so sure can not change that you hardly ever think about them anymore? Or what if nothing's actually "wrong" you would just like more?
Would you like a private bars session? or would learning how to run the bars sound fun to you? Or perhaps an energetic facelift? What feels light & expansive to you? Come play! I wonder what could show up in your world?

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