Name: Anna Hjalmarsson
Phone: 0705-787886
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The first Bars class that I visited changed my life. Especially my relationship to my body changed, and issues concerning food and eating changed dramatically. I now use to ask my body more questions, and it reponds when I am aware. And my body likes it. It is yummie. What can I add to my life today that will give my body lots of fun? During bars sessions I have recognized some thougth patterns that I was not aware of before. When and where did issues lock in my body? What would it take to change it? Today my relationship to food is a looooot more relaxed. I can eat anything. Everything that has to do with food and beverage is just a choice.

In life and living there is more of ease and joy. And more of everything else I ask for, including me. What else is possible? I am looking for where life and living is expanding for me. I celebrate life and living every day. It is just like everything I always know that I knew, I now know that I knew. Strange? Yes. Also, very pragmatic. And funny! Feel like I am 15 years old again, with all that energy I used to have then!!! How did I get so lucky?

What question can I ask today? How can I be more aware today? What would it take to have more consciousness in my life? What grand and gloriuos adventures are there waiting out there? I am very grateful every day I choose for me. Which possibilities are waiting for you? What is possible for you?

May all of life comes to me and us with ease and joy and glory!

What would access to you be?

Regards & gratitude,

Anna Hjalmarsson
Certified Access Bars Facilitator

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