Name: Fabiana Dodson, BF, BPF
Bainbrigde Island
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Hi! This is me :)

Ever since I was a little girl I remember my mom and grandma attending the Spiritualist Church. Now if you're not familiar with that, in their services not only do they have sermons, they also offer hands on hearings and channelings of the deceased on a regular basis. Great start, right! I have officially introed myself as weird from get go!

And if you are still reading, it doesn't get any more normal than that. Consider yourself warned. Talking about ghosts or past lives was a common thing in my household. In fact both me and my sister had the ability to see ghosts, which let me tell you scared the crap out of both of us.

"Did you see that?"
"You mean the lady by the bed?"

I remember sleeping with the blankets above my head so that only my nose was out to breathe, just so I wouldn't see anything. I did this way into my adult life. Oops, did I admit to that in writing?! Fast forward, sorta through my teens and I never felt normal. School was uninteresting. I didn't have a lot of friends. The ones I did have even told me that I didn't look at life the way others did. I felt alone for a long time. I contemplated suicide many times because I wanted out of this reality, nothing seemed to fit, in fact I didn't fit. I told my mom at one point that I wanted to be a nun. That seemed like a logical choice, I wasn't even religious. It was just that being a nun meant structure to the umph degree, no self identity, I couldn't be different. It seemed like it would hurt less to be at least. I did grow out of that, or maybe it was my mom's insistence that I would be nuts to join a convent.

I have to say that as I grew older I wanted to know what made me so different. I was going to study everything until I got to the bottom of what was different between me and the rest of the world. I studied Psychology at first. If I could get to Freud's couch I could figure me out. Wrong! I soon realized that even in the late '90s we were still talking about Freud and his couch. WTF! That's of no help to me. If I knew what to talk about I would have figured me out a long time ago. And Skinner's dogs didn't help me much either. I dropped out of college and set on a quest of getting certificates after certificates on this journey to me. I studied hypnosis and found that I have lived some real interesting past lives, let me tell you! Ok if you pry a little when we meet I may tell you some stories :) I studied EFT Tapping, Quantum Biofeedback, Reiki, The Emotion Code and Life Coaching. All of which gave me tons of information, lots of tie bits, lots of puzzle pieces of me but I still felt that it was not enough.

I hired a life coach in December 2015, when I was having a low moment of WTF do I do with my life, who am I, what do I want to be when I grow up for real. I still felt incomplete. After an hour session with her and feeling a little confused as to what had just happened. I went to bed. That night I had the most vivid dreams I've ever had in my life. The next morning, looking through my notes I read Access Consciousness. I don't even remember writing that down. I goggled the company and immediately signed up for the Bars and the Foundation class. I haven't stopped taking classes, since. I walked into that first class and for the first time in my life I felt normal, ok well not normal normal but I felt like a belonged. There was people as weird as I was. And something else, I felt more like me than I've ever felt before. It's like I find myself through all the layers. I learned about Gary and how he started Access and there were so many synchronicities that I couldn't deny the pull.

I remember as a little girl explaining energy to my mom and how it was changeable including money and us. Now, I had the opportunity to go back to that and explore more. Getting rid of layers of points of views of this reality that I had bought into. All those places where I tried to stuff what I knew to be true away for the sake of being normal, of fitting in, of not shaking the boat. Now I feel like I can create a life where I don't have to fit in, a life that is more me, and I can teach others that they too can be themselves with all their weird ways to boot!

Come take a class with me and let's see what's your weird magic, yeah that one that you've been dying to release, that one that scares that crap out of you, that one that without, the world wouldn't be the same. Are you ready to find you? Are you willing?

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