Name: Courtney Feely
Phone: (773) 308-3938 or (253) 271-8375
Address: 6746 100th Place, Unit B
Pleasant Prairie
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Courtney is an intuitive reader and enjoys assisting Bodies and Beings with the energy shifts it desires. She is an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator® and combines body processes when working with clients. Her previous record reading and intuition combines to a level of awareness from which she creates, coaches and assists others. She enjoys communicating with entities and clearing them from houses and clients, as well as, empowering clients to work with entities.

Her services through the past years have helped so many people achieve deep healing, that she decided it was time to open her own business and share her gifts with those seeking greater health and ease of life. Courtney has a hunger for learning and a passion to give her clients the best service possible and is constantly continuing her education so that she can offer the most cutting edge services around.

Courtney’s clients feel comforted when talking to her as she creates a safe environment free of judgment. Her clients have often remarked that her exuberance for life is infectious. Clients stated they get the clarity and assurance to help them take action and have been put at ease.

She loves putting smiles on the faces of those she works with, and often brings light to the darkest issues her clients bring to her.


Access Consciousness is all about asking questions and brings one more awareness. So, I'm going to jump right in. Are you ready?

How much of you are you actually hiding from you?

What controversy are you not willing to be that if you were willing to be it would create a totally different reality?

Are you willing to be so different that you function out of this physical reality?

What potency are you refusing with the fear, doubt and other crap you are choosing?

Are up fighting for or against you?

Do you really want what you can have?

What if you were never wrong and everything was just choice?

What enthusiasm can you be?

What magic is possible?


If any of these questions create a lighter and brighter energy for you, are you willing to have more of that? I would love to be a contribution to you and to help facilitate the change you would like to make in your life, your living and your future. I am available for classes and private sessions.

What can I contribute to you? I look forward to connecting with you.

May all of life come to you with Ease, Joy, and Glory!!
Much gratitude,

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