Name: Michelle McDonald
Phone: +61 417 164 220
Address: Gisborne/Melbourne
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Three years ago I was beyond frustrated with life. I was doing everything to achieve results everywhere in my life (including business), yet the result never appeared the way Iíd envisaged. I was tired of ... working ... chasing Ö and struggling!
Sound familiar?

Over the years, Iíd tried many different modalities looking for the answer. Then I was introduced to Access Consciousness ... that turned my world (and reality) upside down.

The answer was ME, my knowing, and NEVER to doubt it.

Whatís changed for me since using the tools of Access:
∑ Acceptance and allowance of who I am
∑ Celebrating my uniqueness of being Definitely Different ďDDĒ
∑ Free of judgements and expectations (my own and those projected on me)
∑ Willingness to let go
∑ Gifting my daughter the tools to make her own choices
∑ Awareness (and elimination) of the need to control (yes Iím a control freak!)
∑ Using what comes easy for me (abilities) to help others in business
∑ Ability to make a choice, and know a choice is just a choice, at that moment in time
∑ Gratitude in everything (the good, the bad and the ugly), knowing I can choose to dwell or change it
∑ The joy in creating (anything)
∑ The joy of business (yes thatís right, business is FUN)

Are you tired of the same old treadmill - is it time to get off it?
Do you wonder where your spark and creation has gone?
What would it take to turn your daydream into your reality?

"Not knowing much about having my bars run, I did not have a perception bias about outcomes. What completely astounded me was how quickly I felt the change. Michelle had mentioned that it feels different for everyone. For me the feeling just as we finished was as if I had shifted back into myself - that without realizing it, I was completely out of sync and then with Michelle running my bars, it had put me back to where I am meant to be. I left feeling very energized and well, better than I'd felt in months during a very difficult time in my life. I highly recommend this treatment and very much look forward to when I can take another - thank you Michelle!!!"
Emma, Washington DC

Connect with me to create a different reality TODAY. What can I do for you?
∑ To experience The Bars and create more ease in your life, book a private session with me.
∑ Or jump right in and take a 1 day Access Bars class with me to create even more change (you get your bars run 4 times that day!). Once youíve completed a Bars class, you can run bars on your friends and family, and participate in Gifting & Receiving session (bars swap).

Is now the time?
If you donít desire change, then definitely donít contact me to make that change happen!

What are Access Bars?
To find out more about Access Bars and watch neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin's results of a before and after analysis of what occurs with the brain after a single session.

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