Name: Theresa Maguire
Phone: 949-427-0488
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How much fun could YOU possibly have getting to know the real YOU? The YOU that is an adventurer and loves to have fun! The YOU that has so many gifts and talents and abilities that the world has been waiting for YOU to share! The YOU that YOU know you are here to BE!

"One of the most important results you can bring into the world is the full YOU that you were meant to be." Robert Fritz

I INVITE YOU TO GET TO REALLY KNOW YOU - the beautiful person within that is ready to spread their wings and fly!

I was introduced to the tools of Access in June of 2010 after an exhausting 8 month project, working 80 hour weeks. I even worked for a week with double pneumonia putting a deadline before my health.

I began wondering what it was all for and questioning how things could be different. How could l work less, have more time for me and my family and oh yes, have way more fun?

It is in the questioning that we allow new possibilities to come into our lives and ... WOW did my questioning open up a whole new way of seeing me and my life.

And, the best part is now I get to share these amazing tools with YOU!


What if these tools are exactly what you are looking for to connect you with YOU and access everything you know is possible in your life?

So, are you ready to RECEIVE the gift that you are to yourself and the world? If, so I invite you to a whole new world of possibility ... it all begins with an Access Bars session. What could you choose for you that you never knew was even possible?


---- "We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are." Max Dupree

How much fun could you have creating a whole new story for your life?

With ease if you please,


---- Empowering You to be All that You Know You can Be ... Allowing you to SEE how whole and perfect you already are - in every area of your life.

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“Theresa sees you for the contribution that you are on this planet. As early as our phone conversation before my class, I knew that this woman would open up possibilities that I had long ago shut down. Her experience, knowledge and personality make her an extraordinary facilitator of consciousness and possibility.” Sophie from Pasadena, Access Facilitator

“I feel so blessed to have met Theresa. She has taught me how to continually live in the question of “What ELSE is possible? Having my bars run has been so transformational for me. It’s like having a piece of chocolate cake and wondering how long before I can have another slice.” Zhayra from Whittier

“I am so blessed to have Theresa in my life. Theresa always helps me see situations and concerns in a new light, allowing me to expand my world in a fun, exciting, and empowered way. She is like a life coach, healer, friend, and teacher all in one — oh and an awesome cheerleader because she cheers for me 1000% and really believes in me! She always encourages me to acknowledge my own gifts and talents and she helps me access and experience my own potency in so many ways. What’s beautiful is that all of her support comes from such a loving and caring space and I sense how she truly wants to see me live a life of joy and expansion. Theresa is a huge contribution to this world and I am so grateful for her!” Crystal from Fullerton

“Theresa, Thank you for inviting me to participate in my life by using the tools of Access. The tools have empowered me to know, be and perceive ME. The fear of being me is fading away. I eagerly go forward each day to live my life with ease, joy and glory.” Jeani from Beverly Hills, Bars Facilitator

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