Name: Rebecca Trodden
Phone: 403-807-9291
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Welcome! I'm so grateful you found me!

Really, we all know something different is possible. If you've landed here and are reading this, you're likely ready for life to show up differently. What if every morning you woke up with a HELL YES!

This is my life and I'll have more of it please.

You have the power to change anything that isn't working for you... but the Universe won't hear you if you whisper.

Iím a Possibilities Coach on a mission to contribute to difference makers & creative persons fulfill their dreams and live a life they love. Through working with me, my clients find the tools and techniques they require to create a more meaningful, memorable and profitable life. Simply put, a life of explicit ease, joy and glory.

If you are ready for change, from the smallest of changes to those big changes

Are YOU ready to ROCK life in a whole new way?


THE Possibility Coach

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