Name: Nikki Jordan
Phone: 6719893072
Guam (GU)
United States
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Join me to learn the fabulous ease and joy the Bars offers us in life!

I have been a wellness practitioner and educator since 1998 (a second career). I train people in a concept called The Simple Body: that which lies within us all whose function is to keep you in balance and aware, only maybe you never knew it existed. Everything I offer is either a do-it-yourself wellness tool or a session I provide hands-on. The Bars and the Access concepts are some of the greatest tools I offer, because I they are practical and can be done anywhere, anytime with total ease and effectiveness!


Access Consciousness came into my life when I was looking at myself midlife and wanting more happiness and more ease in the coming decades than I'd been having in the last few. And I wanted this not only for myself but for my husband too. We had been watching what we thought was a dream existence slowly slipping away with the years because life had gotten so serious, so hum drum ... even if I loved my career as a wellness educator. And it all became more so after we had our child, even if she is such an amazing gift and a blessing to watch grow up.

As far as the Access Consciousness world, I actually didn't come to the Bars first, but second. I started with a class called 30 Days of Creation with Blossom Benedict first, recommended to me by a friend because I was looking at creating a new way of teaching. It was a Facebook daily class, with weekly calls. Whatever transformation was going on in other people's conversations was palpable and obvious ... and I wanted to know more, and I wanted some of it too.

After the 30 Days class, I took a Bars class with my husband - so we could help each other with transformation. I knew right away it was for me personally, for us as a couple, and for me in my business. As an energy worker and a wellness educator of many things, this concept of anyone-can-do-it energy work or DIY energy work was just what I needed! What more fun could I have and what more contribution could I make, than watching other be able to help themselves live with more joy and ease.

I took a second class to train as a teacher; and my husband, 10 year old daughter, and her friend joined me for my third class required to become a trainer. Before this I'd taught my daughter some Access Consciousness tools for dealing with learning anxiety and physical and emotional issues with bedtime and friends. After a while she shared that she she used these tools in her head in school, and eventually she offered them back to me at times she could see I was having trouble. A child would not bother with Access concepts if they didn't work!

Join me in discovering this amazingly simple, rewarding, and practical tool. It will make a great contribution to your life and that of those around you!

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