Name: Jacqueline Bambenek
Phone: 608-359-1613
Palm Springs
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Access Bars is a joy to share with others! There truly is a gifting and receiving quality that helps expand not only the clients awareness, but also expansive for the practitioner!! This is why I choose Access Bars as my first therapy choice to share with clients.

It is with great joy that I am able to help facilitate both sessions for individuals who wish to experience Bars and to facilitate classes with those who wish to learn how to share sessions with others.

If you are looking for a facilitator outside of California, I also love to travel and am frequently in Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and would love to visit Puerto Rico and other areas as well. Feel free to ask and see what we may be able to create.

What else is possible and how does it get any better than this?

How I found Access Consciousness?? Let's help you further discover your path to Access!

The journey in discovering Access Consciousness has been both fun and enlightening. I was first introduced to running Bars in 2011 when the spiritual retreat center I worked for in Colorado asked me to coordinate the 'Vibrational Healing Conference'. In the process of seeking speakers who would fit our program, Tamara Younker quickly was discovered to be a perfect choice. She gave an outstanding talk that opened me up in new ways that had me wondering, 'what else is possible'? Tamara was the first practitioner to share running Bars with me.

In 2012, I was transferred to a sister center in California where I managed program development. In 2013 after doing much research on Access Consciousness and listening to many YouTube videos and radio programs, it seemed very much aligned with what I wanted to share in our world. I asked Tamara to come teach classes in California - and became certified as a practitioner.

My desire continued to grow as I saw how expansive these gifts were in my own life and for those that I shared Access Bars with. I continued to learn with Cory Michelle in the San Diego area when I took Access Bars, Foundation and Level 1 Classes for the second time. It became apparent that this was something that my heart wanted to follow through with and I completed the Bars facilitator requirements in May 2015, with a deep love and conviction to help myself and others to learn to gift and receive more dynamically through Access Bars.

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