Name: Jessica Homolka
Phone: 620-230-8632
United States
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Happiness is something we all strive for but reality doesn’t tend to provide.

• Happiness with family
• Having a fulfilling career
• Participating in activities that make your light shine
• Doing something nice for yourself, massage, vacation, etc.
• Living pain free (This wasn't me a few years ago dealing with chronic pain)

Some form of the above list is on all of our minds and hearts. They wear deep as we trudge through each trying day. Why is it that many of these items tend to not work in our favor? Society tells us to be happy, yet when our light shines bright, you are asked, “Why are you so happy?” or “What pill are you on”? Our reality doesn’t entertain the idea of happiness because then there is nothing to fix. We all need to fix something as reality tells us we are not good enough. There would be no drug to take, workshop to pay for, or magic self-help book to read if you were happy. Let's figure out how to get to your happiness, whatever that may look like.

I have spent the last 9 years working in corporate America. There have been so many blessings during my time in management, financial planning, and higher education. It has given me the ability to connect with numerous individuals, understanding each person has their own unique attributes and challenges.
My main take away while managing was that I did not have to follow the typical path or mold set in front of me to make an impact. After climbing the ladder for several years and being passed over numerous times, it was time to make a change. It was time to work on me, focus on me, and understand me. This is truly how I came to be such an influential and respected leader.

When I was younger, I was always the young lady that marched to her own drummer, who was the free spirit, who could care less what others thought and enjoyed having friends in all clichés. I was the odd duck but didn’t see a problem with it because many enjoyed my fun loving quirky personality.

Once the end of high school hit and college began, life began to change. I was injured during a softball game and went through numerous rounds of treatment including physical therapy, epidurals, loading up on pain pills and so much more. Throughout high school and college, I was the girl that recoiled due to pain, would lie on the floor during class, gained significant weight and lost my self-esteem. Due to all the complications and issues with two back surgeries and chronic migraines, that free spirit had turned into a recluse in constant pain.

After college, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hypermobility disorder, basically my joints were incredibly flexible and I injured myself easily. I ended up having two additional surgeries on my ankle and knee, you talk about pouring rain. I felt like my world was flooding and I was floating away. In the midst of all the appointments and doctor visits; I knew there had to be more, something different.
This led me to Access Consciousness and boy howdy did it rock my world. There was nothing wrong with me, NOTHING. I had always listened to doctors and looked for a way to fix my issues but what I realized is that I was in complete judgement of myself. What if I could heal from the inside out versus the outside in the way society told me?

So how did things change for me? With innovative tools and techniques I was able to create a space for myself and find out what was true for me. I realized that I knew way more that I acknowledged. Following my knowing, and using some amazing tools and techniques have allowed me to get off ALL medication, diminish my pain completely and become the happy fun loving individual again. I am back to being me. These tools have also allowed me to change the way I interact with individuals and my management style. Like I said, I am not the typical manager and that is AMAZING.
My new journey is to use what I have learned about myself and my corporate background to assist others. I am not interested in fixing people. I am interested in getting them to know how alive and thriving they can be. Life is a choice. Are you willing to choose for you?

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