Name: Michael Powell
Phone: +27846712856
Address: 14 Huckleberry Lane
South Africa
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Between the corporate world and building treehouses, I realised there was more to life and living. An energetic itch of sorts, a subtle tug, as if the universe was being a nagging child saying to me: "Listen! Look!"

In 2006 I did listen, I did look. I did my first energy healing course. I got hold of as much universal and consciousness knowledge as I could, from Eckhart Tolle to Lao Tzu to quantum mechanics.

I came across Access Consciousness and everything changed. My body, my health, my energy, my entire life, even my wealth. I attended every class I possibly could and intend to attend many more. It has been the invitation and space for me to access levels of consciousness and abilities I could only dream of in the past. A hyper awareness of energy signatures and what people and their bodies require for change and healing. A knowing of possibilities beyond imagination.

What would your life be like if you chose something different?

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