Name: Ingrid Logan
Phone: 07972038471
United Kingdom
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Hello, Beautiful Souls,
I first found out about Access Consciousness and Bars on Social Network, it sounded interesting so I went onto the Access Consciousness Website to find out more about this 'New Modality' that I have never heard of before.
I was impressed with the information I got and decided immediately that I wanted to learn 'Bars'. I attended my first Bars class in June 2015. I was overwhelmed, by the end of the day I felt rejuvenated which inspired me to do both Foundation and level 1 class in August 2015.

Access Consciousness came into my life at a time when I was procrastinating and not really having much confidence in myself or my abilities or what to do next, I have always been seeking for ' something' and not quite finding it. Although, I have tried other modalities which worked I never really felt a great shift until having my bars run, Oh, my what a difference it made, life now comes to me with ease, joy and glory, and I also got to meet some really amazing and awesome beings along my journey. How did I get so lucky?

I highly recommend everyone should have their bars run at least once it may just change your life in ways you would not have thought possible.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars Gifting & Receiving 15/Apr/2017 Exeter Ingrid Logan