Name: Kris Isailovic
Phone: 0458392003
Address: 8 Fairway Drive Drouin 3818
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Hi! my name is Kris. I found access in 2012. It was introduced to me by a friend. Prior to that, I was in a not nice place and was also hiding myself. Living in a choice-less life. At, times I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. My level of functioning was not there. I was living a lie thinking that everything was okay.

Who am I kidding, thinking that everything was okay? At time's, I didn't want to be here on this planet. I judge the crap out of me and I had so much judgments of myself and everything. It was crazy. Also, I was living in constant pain everyday. It wasn't fun or joyful. During, that time, I was working with crystal. I loved working with energies. My friend was aware of it.

I was going through so much stress, pain in my body everyday constantly. Very depressed and I was taking a lot of medications. I tried so many things, to function as a normal person. I thought about giving up, so many times. It wasn't my time to go because when ever I tried to take my life, my husband seems to always know where to find me. He's so aware. Then again, there was a little voice always telling me that, I am strong. I found my inner strength. I started to get curious about this thing call Access which my friend told me about. And, I thought, what is the worst thing could happen, if I were to try this, so call access bars. I was nervous at first and excited at the same time.

I had my bars run for the very first time. Wow! I felt different and had space in my head. Then, after a few more session, it started to create more ease. The mind chatter stopped. I became an air head. My head was empty. Things started to shift and change more and more in my body and the magic started to show up. I started to cut down on all my medications. I got much happier in my life.

The more I had my bars run, my thinking became more clearer and I was able to cope a lot better. Wow! I felt different. Life was fun again. I started to attend more and more classes. I did 3 day body classes, advance body classes, more bars classes, foundation and level 1's, 2 & 3's, Esb's Sop's classes and Esse class. And also, other specialty classes. I loved them all.

I use the Access tools all the time and everyday in my life. My family also started to change. They got happier too. Magic was showing up in my life. So, how does it get any better than that? If you, would like to choose and create change, come give me a call.

What contribution can I be to the people around me to make the planet a better place to live? What else is possible?

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