Name: Tracey Thompson
Phone: 0438644445
Cleveland, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia
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Hello, Thanks for stopping by......

Are you looking or asking for more in your life?

I found Access Consciousness approx 8 yrs ago when I was searching for something to help a friend who had recently had a stroke & had spent 2 months in ICU at the age of 40 & lost all their basic abilities to talk, walk etc., they chose to book a Bars session so I went along.......this was the start of a life changing experience for both of us.

The practitioner repeated some of the Access Consciousness tools & the AC clearing statement over & over, I felt my crown chakra start flowing out energy like a hose.......needless to say I booked in for a Bars Class as I had to know more.

I had never experience anything that cleared the upset that I'd been putting myself through for years, I felt so light, relaxed & clear headed......the mind chatter had stopped & things that triggered upset seemingly had no relevance anymore.

Since then, I have been to many of the classes on offer including the Foundation, Level 2 & 3 (Now Choice Of Possibilities), Being You, Right Relationship For You, Joy of Business for Mum's, Access Body classes, Advanced Body Class, Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB), Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) & Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE - an energetic massage of the Facial Connective Tissue).

I enjoy practicing on family, clients and anyone who chooses a session.

If you'd like to learn the Bars or like to gift & receive, a class can be created at a time that suits & please check my classes link for swaps etc.

Gratitude to you.

What else is possible now? :))


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