Name: Heather Lapp
Phone: 780-361-3743
Address: RR1
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Access Consciousness - "Empowering you to know what you already know"

I have spent most of my life studying consciousness because for most my life I've lived with Out of Body Experiences.
Every experience, every book, every modality, every person, animal, or energy that has brought a new awareness to my experience with life and living, has been valuable to me.
The tools offered through Access Consciousness® are the ones that I use everyday because nothing else has worked with the speed and E a S e that these tools create.
Getting your Bars run is an amazing place to start. It creates the space that allows you to choose greater for you in your life, and to be open to the possibilities of what we can create not only for ourselves, but collectively for the Earth and all upon her!
When you begin to live your life from a place of allowance, where everything actually does become only an Interestingg Point of realize it's an exceptional way to live!
I am grateful to have found a place here, and the opportunity to facilitate others in a new way of BEing!.
Re-discover the gift of BEing the magical, potent Infinite Being you truly BE!
I'd Be extremely happy to facilitate a Bars Class for anyone who is ready for change...and infinite possibility!
How does it get any better than that?
With Gratitude....

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