Name: Deborah Riddle CFMW
Phone: 0416 632 737
Address: Peregian Beach
Sunshine Coast
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The "Bars" is the first class in Access Consciousness. The purpose of The Bars is to show people that they can actually lay down and receive.

Having your Bars run - A non invasive Body Process, where the Practitioner gently touches 32 points on your head, effortlessly releasing anything that doesn't allow you to receive.

Most, if not all of us were not taught to receive.

True receiving just isn't done on this planet.

Doing, doing, doing in order to make sure you don't have to receive is how most people live their life. This has to change. You have to be willing to receive if you are going to have the life you truly desire.

Like magic, it's not about what you do, it is about changing the energy of how you are functioning within your life, allowing change to show up without effort, and with great ease.

If you did nothing else with Access Consciousness but experience your Bars being touched, you would begin to be able to change every limitation, difficulty and aspect of your life that does not work for you.

When Access first began in 1990, "The Bars" was all that was offered. To this day it remains the foundation and first building block of Access Consciousness.

The Bars Body Process truly is PHENOMENAL!

Let the ease and joy begin!

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