Name: Tina Elkowich
Phone: 720-436-6037
Address: 6060 Russell Lane
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Would you like to gently remove the obstacles that keep you stuck and playing small? Do you wonder if living a life full of joy, fun and ease is even possible? What if there was another way to have the joy of living in every-day life, including challenging times of transition and change. What if there is another way to create your life that is empowering and embraces all of who you are without any judgement. Tina Elkowich is an illuminating facilitator who invites you to playfully explore and get curious about your own innate magic. Tina is brilliant at gently opening up a space of endless possibilities with ease in areas of your life that you’ve felt stuck, alone and ready to give up.

Tina aspires to empower her clients to embrace their own unique alchemy and to step fully into their potency to create the life they truly desire. Tina offers a wealth of experience in recognizing people’s gifts, talents and abilities and inspires her clients to congruently and harmoniously use their capacities to create magic within their businesses, their body and their relationships.

“My life has been an ongoing series of self-experiments to fully embody this reality while
staying aware and open to receiving magic and miracles. I have worked with many
modalities and creative outlets all the while knowing that another space - possibility -
choice existed that included joy and ease.” Tina Elkowich

Born and raised in England and moving variously around North America, Tina discovered her desire to explore the world. Tina is a true adventurer and now has an active global practice as a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness. Her global business provides her with the pleasure of playing and creating change across the planet. A question she often asks; "What would it look like to live in a world without borders?" She considers herself a global citizen with a deep love for nature and the planet.

Tina is entrepreneurial at heart and enjoys bringing possibilities to life. Along the way, Tina has successfully created and managed multiple businesses. Tina has extensive energy modality certifications including; Access Bars, Access Body Processes and Symphony Sessions. She works with both individuals and groups to effortlessly transform life energies from limitation into possibility, effort into play, worry into desire, and fear into potency.

Are you ready to create what’s possible with Tina?  
Tina's Offering:

Private Facilitation
Symphony Sessions
Access Abuse Hold Sessions

5 Days of Change
Body Processes Classes
Energetic Facelift

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Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 20/Apr/2017 Highlands, New Jersey Tina Elkowich
Access Bars® 28/Apr/2017 Polson, Montana Tina Elkowich