Name: Tamara Younker
Phone: (623) 203.4209
Fort Collins
USA, and Worldwide
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Do you know the immeasurable gift you are? Do you really know it? Wait, no one ever told you? No one ever encouraged you to see the greatness of you? What if you are a greatness beyond your wildest imaginings, a being of potency and magnitude without limitation? What if so much more is available for you to be and receive than you ever thought possible? What if discovering you as an infinite being, beyond the boundaries of everything you have ever known or defined as you, is the most daring adventure you could ever have? Would you dare?

My name is Tamara Younker, and I would like to invite you to a different possibility of living beyond the limitations of this reality. Don’t expect that I have lots of answers for you though, only questions. What interests me is inviting you to know what is true for you.

Perhaps you have always known something else was possible. Have you always desired more from life, and wondered why you couldn’t just be satisfied with the same things as everyone else around you? What if that is simply because you are different, far more brilliant than you have ever allowed yourself to know? Would you like to find out just how phenomenal you really are?

For more than a decade, I had used and become certified in about a dozen different transformational and healing modalities. I meditated religiously and immersed myself in intense metaphysical study on a quest for greater awareness. My life changed a lot during those years, yet I was still seeking something else. I had reached the end of my tolerance for the limitations of this reality, and I was demanding more. What I received when I discovered Access Consciousness was more all right…more than I had ever imagined!

Access Consciousness is a set of practical tools and processes that are wild, wacky and best of all they work! These tools are like nothing else I ever tried. If you are willing to choose something different, you too can learn to use these tools to quickly and easily change anything in your life that is not working for you. What if you could move beyond where everyone else is functioning from and shift into a world of quantum possibility? Might that be far more fun than how you are living now?

Access is not about anything you have to believe. It’s about you! It’s about empowering you to know what you know by releasing the judgments, conclusions and fixed points of view that make being you difficult or even impossible. When you are willing to be more of you, you open the door to greater choice, possibility, contribution and receiving. What if being you amplifies your capacity to create a life beyond what the rest of the world has already decided is not possible? “Be you and change the world” is the invitation of Access. As each of us steps into our greatness, the possibility that gets created for all is infinitely greater. What would you be willing to receive?

I am so grateful for the gift of Access! My life is exponentially more fun and rewarding than ever before and I keep asking the question, “What else is possible?!” I continually attend Access classes because for me, they work. I choose to facilitate Access classes for the delicious joy of it. Being present to quantum shifts as people reclaim potencies they never knew they were before is pure bliss! How does it get even better than that?!

So, would you be willing to explore living beyond the boundaries of this limited reality? What if you are the only one stopping you? Consider this an invitation to the life you always knew could exist, yet never knew how to make happen. Access offers you a totally different toolbox, so you can create a totally different life. The courage to know, be and receive all of you is already within you. Claim the life you were meant to live, and be who you were meant to be! Your life, after all, is up to only one person – you!

Is it time to release any definition of you, so the limitless YOU can shine?

As a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator, I have facilitated more than 100 classes internationally. I offer:

Access Bars - 1 Day Class
Access Foundation - 2 Day Class
Access Level One - 2 Day Class
Access Body Process - 1/2 Day Class

My primary residence is in beautiful Colorado. You are welcome to attend one of my regularly scheduled classes here, or invite me to wherever you are in the world. I love to travel!

Private in person sessions are also available for Access Bars and Access Body Proccesses, as well as private facilitation in person or by phone. Contact me at (623) 203.4209 to learn more or schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Professional Bio...

Tamara Younker is an Access Consciousness® Facilitator, Certified Coach & Mediator, Speaker. She teaches people around the world what it means to be the source of something greater in their lives where kindness, possibility and joy are more readily available than judgment, struggle and unhappiness.

Tamara expertly guides clients to discover their innate awareness that has always, already been available to them so they can trust themselves to know what’s true for them and create their lives from that knowing. Using her keen awareness, she sees beneath the surface of any limitation and illuminates where a person is functioning in opposition to their intended target. As she adeptly clears the energy, restrictive programming, emotional patterns and beliefs are unlocked. Clients are empowered by an increased capacity to choose a different possibility allowing them to create lives beyond anything that had previously been imaginable.

Tamara began specializing in relationship coaching more than 10 years ago. With the addition of Access Consciousness tools, she has expanded her expertise into cultivating with clients the powerful and aware presence that blossoms naturally when living in intimate relationship with the world around them. She has facilitated more than 100 Access Consciousness Core Classes including co-facilitating the 2nd Annual Global Bars class in October 2013. She facilitates a wide range of specialty workshops, offers private coaching and was one of the Leaders Creating a Conscious World personally selected by Access Consciousness Founder, Gary Douglas, to represent Access Consciousness around the globe.

Tamara has been privileged to facilitate hundreds of clients to become powerful and effective leaders in their lives by living intimately with everyone and everything…most especially themselves. Her target as a pioneer of consciousness is to contribute to creating a world of consciousness and oneness every day. She knows so much more is possible. You too?

What People Are Saying...

"Tamara Younker IS difference. She speaks, she facilitates and she coaches so you can access her in whatever milieu you are most comfortable, but you won’t be comfortable for long. Because she is difference, do not seek her out if you’re not ready for change. But, If you’re looking for expert guidance on a journey of self discovery she’s your gal. If you’re a seeker, a pioneer, a bit of a maverick already in your life her keen awareness and expert insight into energy, emotion and belief systems will blow the doors off your current world view and allow you to access parts of yourself you didn’t even know you had, bringing results you couldn’t even know you wanted. If you’re looking for more clarity, more choice and more possibility than ever before, Tamara has the questions for you. If you want to be drawn into the world of infinite freedom and delicious experience, you owe yourself as much time as you can afford with her, as soon as you can." Sharon, Ontario, Canada

“There are a lot of powerful presenters in Access Consciousness and Tamara stands out with a deep understanding of transformation with ease and grace. She gently guides people out of polarity consciousness into the center of their own expansive knowing. She shares steps to wholeness that we dare not skip.” Julia, Michigan

“It feels difficult to put into words the gift that Tamara's Foundation Class was to my life. I have been on a dedicated spiritual path for many years, but Tamara was able to pick up on the subtlety of my energy and clear it effectively, even when I wasn't aware that it existed AND how much pain I was actually choosing to live in. Within a few days of the completion of Foundation, opportunities have been pouring into my life. But more importantly, I feel like I know myself again. There may not be a peace greater than that. Much gratitude to you Tamara, for spreading consciousness at the deepest level. You are a true gift to the world!” Lisa, Colorado

"Tamara, something told me to reach out to you, and now I know why! Working with you has been hugely transformational for me. Since I took Foundation class with you, there have been amazing shifts happening in my life, personally and professionally. I am blown away by the intensity, speed and ease surrounding some of these shifts. I recently made some changes in my life that I anticipated would be difficult, yet thanks to your class and insights, turned out to be filled with more ease than I could have ever imagined. How does it get any better than that?! You truly are the big guns, and I look forward to working with you again!" Caly, Colorado

"Tamara has the wonderful ability to facilitate from a place of pure space, which allows her clients to be whatever energy is to their greatest contribution. At the same time, she exercises her well-honed knowing, which invites others to choose something greater (often in areas where we have been long in resistance or alignment), so that her clients can move beyond those paradigms into having more and more of their authentic, energetic and endless selves. Her workshops are enlightening, moving and life-changing. Tamara is a caring and joyful being and I am very grateful that she is a part of my experience." Cheri, Michigan

"I had the immense pleasure of attending Access Bars, Foundation and Level 1 classes with Tamara in February of 2013. I asked the Universe, “What else is possible?” when discussing the possibility of Tamara offering classes in southern California. This invitation was met with excitement, and an immediate “Yes!” The class was held outdoors in a serene setting under a beautiful oak tree next to the sounds of a creek at Glen Ivy for five days that couldn't have been more spectacular! Tamara has a beautiful way of connecting with participants and follows her inner guidance to create greater awareness. Her energy matched my willingness to expand beyond any space I had known before. With much appreciation for Tamara's authenticity, fun, and creative spirit, which welcomed me to feel the energy of what is true for me and simply BE." Jacqueline, California

"Words cannot really describe what the teachings of Access Consciousness can do for your life. These classes blew everything that I thought was real out of the way. All limitations, judgment and ways I was self-sabotaging are now insignificant, which allows me to clarify the difference between who I truly am and the lies that I believed were me. This realization gives me an ease and willingness to let go of anything knowing it's not true to who I am, and who I can be. And, a liberation to new possibility by living through question and curiosity. Not to mention learning with Tamara, who is one of the most honest, down to earth, centered, present, caring, fun, joyous persons I have ever met. Honestly how does it get any better than that? Learning from her is such a treat. It's so fun receiving from someone who actually walks their talk. She will lighten you up as you awaken yourself to more of you. If you are looking for a true shift in your consciousness and functioning from your true Being, then Access Consciousness is a choice you should consider. Thank you SO, SO, SO much, Tamara, from the bottom of my heart. This is what I have been seeking the last four years of my life, and I am so grateful! It has set me on a path I could not even have imagined before, and I am ready for the possibility to live a different reality! ~ Jeff, Ontario, Canada

"I took Access Bars, Foundation and Level 1 with Tamara, and it is a joy to take classes with her. When I had my first Bars session, the practitioner said it will either feel like a relaxing massage, or it can change your life. I feel like Access Consciousness is at the “it can change your life” level! The many tools and processes of Access have affected me profoundly. I have tried and taught many different modalities and this is the fastest, most effective, deep reaching and all-encompassing method I have ever come across. I feel now that my inner knowing is blossoming and I have discovered the infinite being I am that was there all along. I highly recommend Tamara as a facilitator. She has a relaxed, insightful, fun way of teaching, and I imagine many people would find Access is a wonderful way to assist them in increasing consciousness. ~ Mara, Ontario, Canada

"I knew from the first glance at Tamara's picture I was going to take her classes. I did the '5 Days to Change Your Life' intensive with her. The Bars class was my third, and one of the best. The next four days were surely transformational on many levels as Tamara totally invites you to step into who you truly are and into your potency, if you choose it. I enjoyed her down to earth personality, openness, sharing, stories and energy. What a great person, facilitator and potent woman. I truly appreciate all she contributed to me, and the class. I know we all got so much more than we could have imagined. Thank you, Tamara. You are awesome indeed!" Sonia, Washington

"Tamara's down-to-earth style with the Access tools and her warm presence brings others in touch with themselves in a powerful and fun manner. When I took Foundation and Level 1 from Tamara, I was thoroughly impressed with the way she sensed the energy in the group as she did clearings, and the number of times she repeated the clearing, or shifted it, to bring more space and consciousness to the group. Her ability to find humor in the steps of her own journey helps everyone to feel at ease with allowing their own limitations to be shared for the benefit of all." Cindy, Oregon

“Tamara is amazing. Her heart, her soul, her walking her talk, her commitment to you being the miracle of you! If you want to get to the core of your issues and clear them then take a class, schedule a session – get your butt into see Tamara! She’s a gift for the gift of You!” Kim, Colorado

“After one class with Tamara everything in my life changed. I am in forever gratitude for her, and the work she does.” Zach, Colorado

“I highly enjoyed my experience in my first Bars class with Tamara. Not only was Tamara able to center in on the specific needs of the class, but she also was able to teach the tools of Access Consciousness in a fun and exciting way. I was able to experience first hand the benefits of running the Bars and have since felt happier, more passionate about life and excited to ask, “How can it get any better than this?” Before the class, I had many months of feeling helplessly unemployed, depressed and angry. But since then, several employment opportunities have opened up. I wake up excited to eat well and exercise, and find myself smiling and feeling full of gratitude. All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory. Thank you, Tamara!” Anna, Colorado

“Class with Tamara was amazing! Powerful clearings and relaxing Bars sessions left me feeling lighter, and at ease. After leaving her class, I felt peaceful and more energized than when I arrived. Tamara is an excellent teacher and powerful Facilitator. I thank her for the gift that she be!” Jackie, Colorado

“Thank you for the gift you have given me Tamara; not only for teaching me the Bars technique, but in the beautiful and complete way you explain and guided me through the process of letting go. After the one-day class I was able to comfortably do the Bars technique on people, and everyone I have worked with loves it as much as I do! Each person has had a unique experience, and the best part about it is that I feel like I have had the Bars run on me each time I work on someone else!” Laurie, California

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