Name: Darlene Tindall
Phone: 705-919-9649
Address: 540 Willard Ave
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Before learning the Bars, I had studied and practiced a number of different healing modalities and to be honest, I was quite skeptical about this process. It was just "too easy" to be effective. I had many interesting points of view about it. Luckily, I discovered a number of colleagues who were already practicing Bars and loving it. They encouraged me to give it another look and I am so grateful that I took their advice.

I decided to go for it and give it a genuine try. I tried it on anyone and everyone and started seeing results like none I had seen before. I love to teach so I decided to go all the way and become a Facilitator. In my first class I asked my students to very briefly introduce themselves. They started off with saying their name and moving on. Then one student started into a testimonial of the profound affect the Bars and my support had had on her. After that, everyone chimed in with similar stories. I had no idea the depth of impact the Bars had made in their lives. I think that was when I really knew I was onto something.

Now, I teach Access Bars whenever and wherever I get the chance. I host weekly exchanges and try to stay in contact with as many of my students as I can. I am constantly in awe of what we are creating through this work, for ourselves, our clients and loved ones.

Access BarsŪ has been an enormous contribution to my own life and is helping to transform the area I live in. What else is possible now?

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