Name: Nicki Achille BF, BPF, AFF
Phone: Australia +61 (0)403 704925
Address: The one on the corner with the grey fence ;)
Loganholme, Southside of Brisbane
Worldwide and Australia
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Hey great to see you here and that you're looking for more information about Access Consciousness® and those wonderful and wacky people that DO IT!

I've spent much of my life adventure knowing I'm different and often trying to fit square pegs in round holes!

Like many others I had tried so many different modalities and just knew there had to be more or something else and this was keeping my brain SO busy that I in fact was no longer present in my life.

Finally, I became aware I needed to make the spaces between thoughts bigger and that this could possibly allow me to hear what is true for me in the present moment.

Then I came across Access Consciousness® and now the knowing that it's OK to be different and to do things different has become the reward on my journey. Being an asker of questions and learning now, that it expands my world and me without having to find the answers has made life so much more fun, full of energy and possibilities .... all since Access Consciousness® came into my life.

Searching to explore and expand my awareness and what kinds of 'more' I can create has become my absolute joy.

The very first experience I had was at an ACCESS Bars® class. I heard of the process from a woman at a local networking meeting and instantaneously knew this was a tool for life. Not only that, but that I must have it in my toolkit.
I was so ready to defrag and delete my personal hard drive that within the week I was at the class learning the Access Bars® process where there are 32 points on your head that pertain to different aspects of life for example money, control, creativity etc. All of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, attitudes and emotions have electro-magnetic charge and these are stored from any lifetime.

When gently touched these points effortlessly RELEASE anything that doesn't allow you to RECEIVE and you get greater clarity, ease and joy of mind and being.

The Access Bars® is the first of many Body Processes I work with, in fact there are over 50 Body Processes, tools and techniques that can be used to facilitate change.

What else is possible?
We all know there's more, right... ?

Are you ready to be who you truly be?
Are you ready to have fun?

I am available for Private Access Bars® and Body Process Sessions, Facilitating Access Bars®, Access Energetic Facelift® and Body Process Classes either in my local area or for hosts in their local area, Facilitating Access Bars® and Body Gift & Receive Classes and this list is ever changing so be sure and come back for updates.

Currently, I share the use of a Yoga Studio on the south side of Brisbane which is above KMA Mixed Martial Arts Centre. It is a lovely bright space during the day with gorgeous subdued lighting in the evening. The location has ample parking easy access to the Pacific Motorway and is just 20mins from the Brisbane CBD and 25mins from the Gold Coast where I use tools from Access Consciousness® to give exceptional treatments and facilitate people to being greater than yesterday and enjoying more ease and joy in their lives.

Contact number +61 0403 704925

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Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 1/Apr/2017 Loganholme, BRISBANE, QLD Nicki Achille BF, BPF, AFF
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 8/Apr/2017 Loganholme, BRISBANE, QLD Nicki Achille BF, BPF, AFF
Access Bars® 22/Apr/2017 Loganholme, BRISBANE, QLD Nicki Achille BF, BPF, AFF