Name: Monya Nicholson
Phone: 0064 020408 89875
Address: 10 Summerfield Lane Albany North Shore Auckland
North Shore
North Shore, Auckland
New Zealand
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Hi , my name is Monya!

Over the past 10 years I have been on a journey of change ..... I tried many different modalities during that period. Donít get me wrong... after what felt like blood, sweat and tears there was some change but nothing like I knew was possible.

I was seeking something that I knew could facilitate dynamic and lasting change. Then, I found Access Consciousness. The past three years have been an adventure beyond anything I could ever have imagined possible. I contacted a Bars Facilitator and booked a session to have my bars. After my session, my life as I knew it...... was gone. I had this sense of peace and space where before I did not perceive any.

The bars and body process sessions I had with my facilitator assisted me to ask for, change and step into more of me than I was willing to have and be before. It was not all smooth sailing, asking for more change and stepping into more of you can be very uncomfortable. Having the Access tools facilitated the change with more ease.

All areas of my life are now more different than I believed possible! My relationship with my husband and children is joyful. My wealth and money flows have increased..... but the area where I have seen the biggest change has been my relationship with me and my body.

I have become a Bars and Body process facilitator myself knowing how powerful these tools are in creating change. I am available for private Bars and body process sessions.

Are you looking for change? More ease and joy?

Whichever area of your life you would like to change, I would love to work with you and be your change partner in your next adventure!

So...What IS possible, that youíve believed is so beyond what is possible, that youíve never asked for, that is just waiting patiently for you to ask? Cory Michelle

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