Name: Jackie Parker
Phone: 949-702-8777
Address: Serving Indiana
United States
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Jackie has been involved with yoga and meditation for over 25 years. In 2007 she journeyed to Egypt and spent 17 days on a spiritual trip learning about herself at each sacred sight. In 2008 she found herself in Fiji going through the process to become a Oneness Blessing Giver.

A new way of life was calling to her. In 2010 after 32 year in the corporate world she decided it was time to leave. She also left her Southern California life and relocated to Knox, In. Earning her certification in yoga in 2012 along with yoga therapy. She has been teaching restorative yoga since.

She fell in love with the gongs and gong baths just before leaving California. Pursuing this interest she purchased a gong and started learning how to play. Since then she has acquired 2 more gongs, 3 crystal singing pyramids as well as several other healing instruments. She has had many teachers contribute to her becoming a Gong Practitioner.

In 2013 she took a trip to Abadiania, Brazil and spent 2 weeks in the healing energies of John of God. She was granted permission to purchase and return home with on of John of Gods Crystal Light Beds. She offers crystal light bed sessions in several locations.

In 2014 she was introduced to Access Consciousness - Access Bars. It is amazing the changes Access Consciousness has created in her life. She became an Access Bars Facilitator and a Access Body Process Facilitator in 2015.

Her passion is to help clients heal naturally and discover how wonderful they can feel in their body. She continues to learn an loves what she does. Teaching yoga, conducting gong baths, facilitating Access Bars classes and Access Body Process workshops as well as individual sessions.

More information can be found on her website

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