Name: Maeva Dolly Tokoragi
Phone: 0407901918
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Hi ,

I came in contact with Maeva through my parents.

Last year I was severely burned from my hips down to my knee. I spent some time in hospital, and had many skin grafts. I was in a lot of pain. All this at only twenty seven years of age. How was I to know my parents were asking for something else to show up for me? They were asking questions of the Universe, and then they walked into a shop at Drummoyne where they met Maeva. As they were leaving, they mentioned to Maeva, “Our daughter is in hospital…”

My world changed from the first Bars session with Maeva. My mum had tears of joy running down her cheek!!!!

Since then I have a Bars session every week. Now I am dancing; there is so much joy.

How can one articulate the natural high and rejuvenation experienced during and after a healing Bars session with Maeva?

It is a combination of being incredibly relaxed as if I have slept for eight hours, coupled beautifully with the energy to get all the annoying things on my to- do list done in an instant.

I feel more energised and positive, much like the zone you are in just after a really great holiday .

My scoliosis is adjusted, making me significantly taller, untwisted and straight.

I am also much more flexible with my back pain alleviated, similar to how I feel just after a chiropractic session.

I cannot recommend Maeva’s magic enough to those who have the trust, and are asking for positive change .

Rachel Rodwell 0401000933.

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