Name: Ivy Mobouck
Phone: +32 0485303984
Oost Vlaanderen
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I was suppose to be an adult and be normal!
My childhood wasn't roses and sunshine. The stuff I dealt with as a child was pretty dramatic. Becoming an adult I started to feel quit stuck and depressed. More fearful and more angry.
Stuck in a golden cage, bored to death and deeply dissatisfied I was surviving on this planet. I was judging and beating myself down for not being enough and not being happy either. My mind seemed my biggest limitation in life. Many times I wanted to die. Trying to num myself and run away in drugs, work, tv... still not really living.
Why couldn't I be like everyone else? Everyone else seemed to get along just fine.
Late in my 20's I left Belgium and went on a 4 year journey of travel, work, yoga, hippy, vegan "Im gonna change the world"attitude. Doing the right and the good things for me, the planet and its people. My life did change but it wasn't enough.
I was still creating abusive relationships and situations. I got more abusive towards me then I've ever been and judgmental towards people not matching my judgments of what they should do or be in their life.

What changed?
Two something years ago, when I was walking on a gorgeous beach in Queensland, Australia I was finished... Again.
Finished with me, my life, with all the conclusions I was constantly making.
For the first time ever I was aware that my thoughts were creating less for me. Every time I decided how my life should look like, everything stopt being easy and I would feel stuck.
I acknowledged this wasn't working for me anymore and asked energetically what else is possible?
That same week a different possibility showed up! The tools and body processes of the modality of Access Consciousness. My mind went: no way something that easy will change.
However it was my body that took me to that first class!

Fast forward to now and against all odds I actually received and created so much more ease and joy beyond my imagination. I am so much more aware of where I function from, allowing me to truly choose different with so much more allowance for me, more ease then I've ever dared dreaming off.

For me, being my biggest head tripper and judger, a space and lightness opened up showing me for the first time a different possibility. After my first bars session I then experienced how heavy my body was for me to drag around every day. Weighing only 52kg that says heaps.

My life keeps changing and getting better! I know that so much more is still possible.
Everyone else who is using the tools and the processes of Access Consciousness say their lives improved beyond expectations.

It truly worxxx and it is fast&easy. It empowers you to know what you always deep down knew but never had the tools to do.

Are YOU ready for a life with more ease, more joy, more glory?

What contribution can I be for you? For you to be that space of so much more? To facilitate you into greater possibilities!

If this lights up your world in any way its because you know. If your mind is telling you it's not possible, don't listen! What is your body telling you? Perceive the difference in lightness/ heaviness. What is lighter is what will create greater for you. What is heavy and contracted, wont.

​What do you already know?

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 16/Apr/2017 Patershol Ivy Mobouck