Name: Lana Wedge
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What if today could be the beginning of something different? What if your life could be more enjoyable again? What if you were having too much fun to notice when people judge you? We learned so early in our lives that judging ourselves was the appropriate thing to do and that was how to be in this world. What if judging you is the most unkind thing you've ever done to you? Yet you keep doing it? (Taken from an except of the Bars(R) manual)

Are you ready to start living your life with more ease and joy and glory(R)?

Would you benefit from a hands on energetic process that helps with:
Stress reduction/mind chatter
Sleeping better
Waking with more energy
For kids (and adults!) before tests
And so much more?!

Would it be fun to dissipate some of the mental, physical, emotional and energetic blockages that are keeping you stuck? How about to have better relationships, sex, more money and more fun?

If you answered "yes"... Then what are you waiting for?! :)

I'd love to chat more! Contact me for information on receiving a Bars(R) session, attending a class or joining me for a scheduled Gifting and Receiving.

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