Name: Erin Chanel
Phone: 907-717-9741
Address: Downtown
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Thank you for visiting my page. I look forward to meeting you!

I am an adventurer, an energetic myofascial bodyworker, a photographer, a videographer, a speaker, a yogi and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.

I travel the world open to the next adventure and motivated by the beauty and possibility I see. I have a capacity with the earth, the animals, the weather and facilitating people with my body. I am a highly aware individual and I am guessing that you are too.

Before finding the tools of Access Consciousness, I had tried everything. I sat in silence for months, deep in the jungles and high in the mountains looking for peace, happiness and purpose. I became highly certified in nutrition, coaching, self-care, hypnosis, colonics, yoga, movement and meditation. I owned every book on self-care you that could buy and I studied with elite teachers from all over the world that wrote those same books. I spent all of my money, resources and time trying to fix myself. And guess what? You got it. There was nothing wrong with me, and there is nothing wrong with you. How does it get even better than that?

These tools invite us to know what we know. It's that simple.

If we do not acknowledge our capacities, we will use them against ourselves and practically destroy our life and living. We will care for others beyond any willingness to care for ourselves and we will find ourselves in a constant state of lack, less than and poo.

Cool. So what are YOU ready to choose?

The tools of Access dynamically invite you into the magic, creation and ease you've always known is possible and naturally BE. You are not wrong and you are not broken. You don't require fixing, my friend, you are aware. You are so incredibly aware.

So, I wonder what you know? And what else is now possible?

Please contact me to book a session, attend or create a class worldwide.
I am so delighted and grateful you visited my page.
In ease, joy, glory and gratitude! Erin Chanel

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