Name: Ann Mackenzie
Phone: 0417 594 997
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Hello and Welcome ..

So excited to have my profile here on the Access Website ..

I am located just 15-20 minutes south east of Pakenham at Longwarry, which is at the Gateway of beautiful West Gippsland ..

I stumbled upon Access Consciousness in November 2011 at the Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne, where people were seated in bean bags having their Bars run .. I couldn't believe how relaxed and peaceful it looked and just knew it was something that I had to try .. I decided not to try there and then but took some information home with me and then researched it on the internet gathering information and then decided to find a facilitator close to home.

It wasn't until early January 2012 that I had a private session with a facilitator, had my Bars run, and wow, for the first time, knew what it was like to have a clear head and more space.

Within 2 weeks, I attended the Foundation and Level 1 class and learnt a whole new way of life and living. Even a new way to speak, using different words .. Or so it seemed ..

Several months later in April, I attended Level 2 and 3 with Dr Dain Heer ... Wow again .. So much more seemed possible in my life .. Things were finally starting to change .. By this stage, I had already decided that I wanted to do/learn the Body Processes and attended the Body Class and ended up attending 2 x 3 day classes in August 2012 as a prerequisite for Advanced ..

September 2012 I was off to QLD doing the Advanced Body Class with Gary Douglas and shortly there after life changed in a big way for me, in so many ways. It opened up so many different possibilities ..

During the next couple of years with lots of practice of gifting and receiving the Bars and Body Processes galore, things continued to change, my body finally started to have more ease and movement ..

In 2015, life has gotten a whole lot more exciting .. I am finally choosing for me and ready to offer Bars sessions from my home in West Gippsland ..

Fast forward to 2016 .. So much change, growth AND much more awareness is showing up all the time; releasing and letting go of all that NO longer works in my life .. A sense of peace creeping in and enjoying that state of so much more space, lightness and just BEing ..

Are you ready and choosing to find out what its like to get rid of your mind chatter, have better relationships, quality sleep, eliminate pain and have greater ease within your body and life?

Is this something that you have possibly been searching for, yet never found?

Feel free to call or email me with any questions ..

Looking forward to meeting you and everything that is possible ..


0417 594 997

After my wife spent a year. telling me about Access Consciousness, I finally realised I had nothing to lose by going and trying it out. The "running of the bars" process done by Ann, cleared my mind of a huge percentage of anxiety and the thoughts that were causing it. I am therefore more relaxed.
On the universal side of things, others around me, ie people at work, treat me differently eg: calmer and not the usual stressful environment.
A shift has happened. Eg Some major things that I deemed to be important priorities to me for such a long time, are now a low priority and this has created space to open for other things to replace those. Some of these are exciting prospects for me to focus on. I can now ponder choices for a new future.
I went to the appointment with Ann with an open mind and willing to accept whatever presented itself. Anyone who is not happy with where they are at, or feel "stuck", and having trouble clearing the past, I highly recommend having your Bars run by Ann. It helps to bring more clarity of mind and choices that have to be made in day to day life.
John Huysmans

The first time I met Ann, I recognized in her an innate caring and healing ability. It is a joy to watch her facilitate and contribute to others in such an authentic and potent way. What a gift for us all that Ann has chosen to facilitate others with her capacities. Whether in one of Annís sessions or for a class, I am sure you will experience massive changes in your life.
Enrica Mallard
Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator

I have had the amazing experience of having my bars run twice now ... It absolutely helped to clear my mind of Monkey chatter .. I can think much more clearly. It also has helped shift my mood and energize me!
If you are feeling bogged down, a little lost or overwhelmed I highly recommend having this done.
Ann is a very friendly, genuine and open person who makes you feel at ease and helps you understand what's happening for you..
Thank you Ann, I look forward to more sessions in the future.
Kylie B

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