Name: Devinder Anand
Phone: +91 9811172382
Address: 23, FF, Jungpura Extn Market Near Eros Cinema
New Delhi
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Here is one infinite being saying hello to another. And if you havenít yet realized how infinite you are, you are most welcome to read on and let me become a part of your journey.
I started my journey to finding out my infinite nature, by way of Access Consciousness, early in 2013. And by 2014, I was helping loads of people around me, realize, understand and remember their own infinite nature. Before this, I also served as a Counsellor and Holistic Therapist with a leading Heart Institute and also with a Hospital in New Delhi, India.
My journey, though, started way back in 1992, when I did my first modality, to open up my life to miracles, mysterious encounters and great moments of completeness. The life I chose before that, lead me to looking within and stop looking without, seeking answers outside.
But, it took me a while to completely understand who I am and what exactly I am capable of.
So, on the journey to today, I started my own business of Exports and dealt with various governments and companies from around the world.
A little while later, and after a successful stint as an exporter, I moved to project consultancy. Here, I worked with lots of multi-national companies and helped set up plants for some of Indiaís biggest companies.
When even that didnít quench my thirst, I moved to HR Consultancy, where I helped thousands of people get placed with some of the biggest companies in India and in various other countries as well.
And finally, I realized once again, the same truth. To look within and not outside, for my happiness and fulfillment.
And so, here is little about how I am willing to become a part of your journey called life, today!
I can offer the following to contribute to your life, in one-on-one or skype sessions:
1. Bars sessions and classes
2. Chakra Balancing
3. Hypnotherapy
4. Counselling - Relationships, wellness, Psychological
5. NLP
6. Meditation
7. Body Processes

Today, Iíve been practicing the life of consciousness with Access. My spectacles are gone, my depression is gone, my distinction of good and bad is gone. And finally, my being, my free, infinite, complete, universal, god-full being is here! Revealed.

So, if youíd like to book a meeting to realize your infinity, just contact me through the Contact tab on the top, next to the About tab.

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