Name: Stacy Ho
Address: Hong Kong, Seoul, anywhere around the world! Let's Make Magic!
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I'm Stacy and I'm so grateful and happy to be part of your Access Bars and Access Consciousness experience!
Access Consciousness has opened so many doors for me. At the time when I just discovered Access - my life was filled with lots of anxiety. After my friend gifted me a bars session - suddenly I had so much more ease and clarity, and right away I dove deeper and deeper into discovering Access and it has been an exciting journey (and still is) ever since. Now I function from creating possibilities and living in the present moment. What are the infinite possibilities for more of this for me and more of this for you? 

For the past 5 years I have been a private Tutor for high school students, teaching them Economics, Business, Math and SAT Prep. With Access, I’m so excited with the possibility of not only sharing Access with adults – but also Children/Teenagers…basically people of all ages! When I think of all the trauma drama I could had avoided in my high school university years if I had the Access Tools – it’s one of my drives to introduce these tools to students!

For me, being an Access Consciousness Certified facilitator, and potentially Your Facilitator is such a blessing. I am dedicated to being the dynamic space and invitation for change in your life if you so choose. Yay! How does it get any better than that??
I currently am able to teach:
1. Introduction to Access Bars Class
2. Taste of Access Class
3. Access Bars Class
4. Access Foundation Class

I am based in Hong Kong and South Korea. I can travel anywhere for classes too! Yay! What else is possible???

One of the Access Tools I’m focusing on at the moment is:
“What is Right about this that I’m not getting?”

How often when something happens to us we suddenly go into judgment that there is something wrong about us or this situation? What if there was never anything wrong? And what if we stopped judging ourselves? What Magic would be possible for all of us?
“What is Right about this that I’m not getting?” provides us the opportunity to converse with the Universe. This way, the Universe will show us the rightness of the situation. As Dain and Gary say, “what if your wrongness was your strongness?”

I really look forward to connecting with you! My email is:

Have a magical day! Magic is available for you to create, if you choose!
With happiness, laughter and sincerity,

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 9/Apr/2017 Tseung Kwan O Stacy Ho