Name: Tracey Shelden
Phone: 0419668434
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Quite a while after I'd discovered Access Consciousness through books and playing with the tools, I saw the instant transformation in a friend after having her Bars run.

She'd been going through several months of tough times, and she was suddenly Wow! I really don't know how else to explain it. Calm, happy, serene - totally different.

Just by running her Bars. So, I wanted me some of that!

A year later (yeah, it still took me a year to choose for me) I finally got my bars run. My daughter had hers run too. I remember the guy saying "I give her three minutes - she's bouncing off the walls!", but her arm rested against mine and as soon as he started her Bars running, she didn't move for a good 20-30 minutes. Amazing.

I finally booked into a class and have since watched my world and life change in every way!

This is the thing. The Bars works for you, how it works for you. Different for every person.

Makes sense really - we're all unique right?

For me, having my Bars run gives me more space in my world. The mind chatter disappeared, there's little to no stress in my world, I'm more Me (every day) and I just love gifting people this magical process and seeing how they choose to shift and change their world to discover more of who they truly be.

Does that getting you thinking "How do I get ME some of that?"

Well, come and treat yourself to a session with me or book into a class - I'm adding new classes all the time, so if there's not a date available that suits you, perhaps we can create one together?

Would you like to come play with me? I'd love that! xx

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