Name: Arthur Zweig
Phone: 805-218-8097
Address: 1017 Thistlegate Rd
Oak Park
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Over the years I have done many self-help courses including Marriage Encounter, Lifespring, California Wilderness Training and more. They were all worthwhile courses, but for me the benefits wore off over time. This all changed when a friend told me about Access Consciousness . As I read the website I found it resonated deeply with what I had been searching for. I had my first Access Bars session in Santa Barbara and it opened a door for me that changed my life for the better. Now, each day I ask myself, “What else is possible?” and am amazed by the new perspectives and opportunities that come into my awareness. Along with this awakening I have a sense of peace in my life that I have not had for a long time.

During an Access Bars session you get to relax and receive just for you. You are invited to let go of old stories, beliefs and limitations that may be holding you back from enjoying life. You can explore the question, “Am I ready to make space for something new and phenomenal in my life?”

As Access teaches, “You are the only one who can make the changes you are looking for.”
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