Name: Fran Jex
Phone: +27 82 4441518
Address: Tamboerskloof
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
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I found the Access BARS in 2015, when in desperate need of something to calm anxiety, depression, panic downloads, churning gut and spinning brain. Nothing helped, and I was put on an anti depressant and anti psychotic, which I really battled with as they disagreed with me. Then I found I was getting anxious about driving because of the pills.

A friend introduced me to the Access Bars which calmed all the anxiety for me. I do need to get them run regularly otherwise some of the symptoms can creep back, but they have changed my life, and I don't take pills as my body does not tolerate them.

I now run people's BARS, and can also do some Body treatments, which are good for trauma in the body, can help support cancer treatment, boost the immune system.

I can teach you the BARS, in a one day intensive workshop. Cost for the one day workshop is R2950.00. You can then run other people's BARS and swap with other BARS practitioners.

If you are having treatment for cancer, I would suggest that a caregiver learn the BARS, so they can run them for you every day if need be, to promote ease and healing in your body.

If you have children with ADD, a stressed spouse, or if you just want free BARS swaps for the rest of your life, then learning the BARS is a great idea for you!

Some of my Testimonials from the BARS:

"my colleagues tell me I need my Bars run!"

Stress and exhaustion: 'I went to bed at 8 and slept. My mind feels clearer, if feels like a miracle. I havent felt like this in a long time'

People do not always notice the result: 'My husband hasn't noticed a change since you ran his BARS, but I have, he is far less stressed and snappy!'

Anger and Panic: After seeing you on Friday my head seemed to be much clearer and calmer. which is very encouraging. Over all I think there is a fantastic improvement. Many thanks! Where to from here?'

Depression: 'I have been in a 'dark night of the soul' for months, but about a week after my Bars session, I noticed that I am feeling lighter, less depressed. Definitely coming back for more'

Anyone can benefit from having their BARS run, and it is a great present to give a friend too!

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